Don Snellgrove

In the early 1990’s, before the digital revolution turned obscure garage start up partners into high profile billionaires, Don learned of the newly-opened Forex currencies market.  Fascinated by the spectacular gains to be made in what had been the exclusive domain of institutional and high net worth investors, Don set out to master the alchemy of turning pips into profits.  But the price of admission to this financial Promised Land was exorbitant.  Mentors were few; tuition was excessive; support was weak; lessons were difficult; mistakes were costly.  Undeterred, Don attended numerous seminars at home and abroad, learning an early version of Forex trading that was largely based on traditional stock market principles.  His foray into the Forex market proved to be painfully expensive.  But Don was determined.  He wouldn’t give up.  If others could learn to reap the great rewards, so could he.

Don has authored an international bestselling book entitled SELECTIVE FOREX TRADING, which reveals some of the secrets of the patented S90/crossover trade. This book was published by New York-based Wiley and Sons Publishing, one of the oldest and largest American publishing companies specializing in trade and professional texts ( The book is available from fine booksellers in the US, Canada, the UK, China, Australia, and India. It is also available online from Barnes and NobleBooks A MillionAmazon, or (soon) directly from this website. Don is currently writing a new book on trading strategies.

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